We are the leading intelligent learning company in China with over 100.0 million average total monthly active users (“MAUs”) in the first half of 20191. Through technology, we enrich the lives of people of all ages every day, guiding them on their journey of pursing knowledge and sharing ideas. Starting from online knowledge tools, we currently offer a comprehensive suite of learning products and services that are accessible, reliable and trustworthy.

Our products and services are built upon a common set of core technologies, which allows us to use data insights gained from individual product or service to help optimize our entire product and service portfolio. Our business has evolved significantly since inception and we’ve never stopped re-imagining and innovating our products and services. We’re doing this not only to cater to, but influence, the learning habits and lifestyles of our users, to fulfill their goals and enrich their lives. Since our inception, our apps have amassed over 1.3 billion cumulative downloads and more than 200 million student enrollments. Fueling all of these great achievements are our technologies. That’s why we’ll continue to invest in technology and products for our users, and for our long-term success.

The early success of our first major product Youdao Dictionary has enabled us to attract a massive user base, build a strong brand, and expand into a broad range of products and services addressing lifelong learning needs of pre-school, K-12 and college students as well as adult learners, including:





Online Knowledge Tools

Youdao provides a collection of online dictionary, translation and writing tools, such as our flagship product Youdao Dictionary, Youdao Translation, and Youdao Cloudnote. Powered by leading technologies, our tools are convenient, smart and powerful. These tools have helped drive organic user traffic to our online courses and other products and services.

Online Courses

Building on the popularity of the online knowledge tools, Youdao offers online courses, including Youdao Premium Courses, our flagship online course brand, with a strategic focus on K-12 students, as well as NetEase Cloud Classroom and China University MOOC for adult users. The online courses cover a wide spectrum of age groups, subject matters, learning goals and areas of interest.

Interactive Learning Apps

Youdao also offers a variety of interactive learning apps, such as Youdao Math and Youdao Speaking, that enable students to study math, English and other subjects with a virtual teacher on their mobile devices. These interactive learning apps provide an abundance of gamified features that help significantly increase younger students’ interest levels and drive their engagement.

Smart Devices

Youdao has launched its line of smart devices, such as Youdao Smart Pen, Youdao Dictionary Pen and Youdao Pocket Translator, that further enhance users’ learning experience and efficiency. The approach to such devices is the seamless integration of AI algorithms and data processing into hardware devices that supplement Youdao’s online knowledge tools and online courses, bridging the gap between traditional pen-and-paper-based learning and intelligent learning.

Note 1: “Average total MAUs” refers to the monthly average of the sum of Youdao’s total MAUs, which is calculated by combining the MAUs of various products and services except for smart devices for that month. The duplicate access to different products and services is not eliminated from the calculation.